Ongoing thesis project using immersive reality as a starting point to interrogate “immersion” as a greater concept, scanning technologies, and how swimming pools might fit into all this. Research + process here.

Propositions is a student-run journal/space for thesis students at Media Design Practices to construct and participate in our own unique critical discourse. We want to use this space to generate and sustain criticality in our design and technology practices. What if what we put forth as design is the argument—or proposition—rather than a conventional prototype?


Co-edited with Godiva Reisenbichler & Stephanie Cedeño

A flag produced as an artistic reinterpretation of “utopia.” The group exhibition investigates symbols of collectivity that arise from the Western practice and language of flags as representation: “Can we imagine a de-colonization of this word [utopia] and, in turn, of the design practices?” 

Dislocate utopia from a physical land or space; make it fluid, borderless. Center it around each individual (are utopias ever collective?). A blue dot, each floating in digital magenta wave(length)s. Our current location, or how we recognize ourselves on screens. Even in the middle of oceans.

Exhibited at WESTOPIA for the 58º Premio Internazionale Bugatti-Segantini, curated by Parasite 2.0 (2017)
Installation images courtesy Francesco Stelitano
Publication designed by Mattia Losa

A proposal for how virtual models scanned from “real reality” can create a mixed reality landscape. Instead of sociality defined as a seamless gathering of avatars in a virtual space, scanned models become pivot points connecting mixed reality scenes and the individuals occupying them.

With Nan Tsai
Presented at Microsoft Design Expo (2017)

A design fiction inspired by mafia archetypes about secrecy as part of the neighborhood fabric, and how devices with artificial intelligence can "conspire" in the Internet of Things. Previously presented as Networked Colluding.

With Stephanie Cedeño
Exhibited at Ars Electronica (2017)
Presented at the Post-Internet Cities Conference at MAAT (2017)

A speculative urban landscape (a part-Bacchanalian, part-Boschian fantasy) for a near future when shorter work weeks enable more leisure time in pools. As living spaces adapt to this new working paradigm, a connected backyard mega-pool becomes the primary social space. Full video here.

Exhibited at Postcards from the Anthropocene (2017)

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