Nicci Yin is a designer
of interactions and critical media, engaging design to bring together art and emerging technologies. She has contributed to curatorial projects, most notably with Space Caviar and Creative Time Reports, and produced feminist media while a fellow at Barnard Center for Research on Women. Most recently, Nicci's work has been shown at Ars Electronica, the Post-Internet Cities Conference, and Microsoft Design Expo. She is currently based in Seattle.

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Exhibited at WESTOPIA for the 58º Premio Internazionale Bugatti-Segantini (2017)
Curated by Parasite 2.0
Installation images courtesy of Francesco Stelitano
Publication designed by Mattia Losa


is a flag produced as an artistic reinterpretation of “utopia.” The group exhibition investigates symbols of collectivity that arise from the Western practice and language of flags as representation, asking whether these symbols can be decolonized.

Accompanying text: Dislocate utopia from a physical land or space; make it fluid, borderless. Center it around each individual (are utopias ever collective?). A blue dot, each floating in digital magenta wave(length)s. Our current location, or how we recognize ourselves on screens. Even in the middle of oceans.

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