Nicci Yin is a designer
of interactions and critical media, engaging design to bring together art and emerging technologies. She has contributed to curatorial projects, most notably with Space Caviar and Creative Time Reports, and produced feminist media while a fellow at Barnard Center for Research on Women. Most recently, Nicci's work has been shown at Ars Electronica, the Post-Internet Cities Conference, and Microsoft Design Expo. She is currently based in Seattle.

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A collection of videos + images from things made over the years at various states of finish.

A project on feedback loops, playing with light, movement, and servo behavior.

Exploring conversations as "unwanted stickiness." This ubiquitous device inspired by the idea of “making a graceful exit” in potentially awkward or compromising social situations.

The Glitter Precision System is a technology developed by the Glitter Force to specifically target global sites with glitter bombs.

A physical computing project exploring emotion through sound: when the lid is lifted and Space is in contact with the world outside of its container, it grows increasingly agitated.

Emotional Rock™ takes advantage of office desk objects as a passive aggressive communication device among coworkers.

Users wearing head mounted displays (HMD) can rarely interact physically with virtual objects. To enhance this sense of interaction using visual and auditory cues, this project focuses on feet as the primary mode of exploring the space and interacting with VR objects.

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