TypoLA Identity

Graphic Design
Branding & Identity
Adobe Illustrator
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TypoLA is a fictional event taking place in Los Angeles that celebrates contemporary graphic designers. This assignment involved designing a variety of wordmarks to then develop black and white posters and collateral materials for the event.

A series of wordmarks were designed, inspired by themes of Los Angeles. The first set uses a disorderly grid (the city layout), the second after K-Town's influences, and the third uses water and pool motifs:

↑ Poster variations based on wordmarks.

The final design was influenced by swimming pools and Ed Ruscha's relationship to Los Angeles, often documented in his work.

↑ Left: Pool shapes by Claes Oldenburg; right: work by Ed Ruscha.

Each 'O' in the name of the event took on a different pool shape, which then became a responsive logo element for other collateral material. The poster was typeset in Gridnik, which resembled Ruscha's lettering.

↑ Black on white detail.

↑ White on black detail.

↑ T-shirt; badges for presenters and attendees; tote bag.